Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Development Roadmap (September 2019)

September 13, 2019

Hello fellow pilots!

As it’s been about two months since we originally released our first Development Roadmap, we wanted to update where we’re at and where we’re going.  Strap in!


The PC version of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launched on the Epic Games Store August 13th, 2019.  Prior to the game’s release we published 12 patches based on feedback from streamers and viewers.  Since the game’s launch, we’ve added an additional 15 patches, based on user experiences and discussions.  We sincerely appreciate the time everyone took to alert us to technical issues and suggestions for Quality of Life improvements.  We were proud of what we launched and it’s only improved since.  We expect one final patch to arrive in September.


WHAT’S NEXT: Console Ports

Now that the team has had a short period of downtime, we’ve officially pivoted from the PC version to focusing (almost) exclusively on console development.  That doesn’t preclude additional PC patches, but after the final patch mentioned above, they’ll no longer be the priority unless something game-breaking arises.  The console builds for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch run and we’ll be hard at work moving the last month of patches and more QOL perks central to the console experience into the console game’s structure. We’ll also be customizing certain aspects of the PC version to be more console-friendly, such as converting the painting tool into a skin applicator.  Once the majority of the programming is done, we’ll be applying for ratings and getting both versions certified.  More on both of those as we get closer!



We’ve been getting a lot of questions about potential DLC coming to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and we’re pleased to confirm that a free content update will be coming to all versions of the game.  We’re still finalizing the timeline on this content, but the plan at the moment is for this to arrive on PC first.  We’ll be teasing some of this content in the future, but we’ll answer the most burning question now:


Yes, there will be more ships.



ModKit plans haven’t changed – once console versions are completed and into the final approval process before they go up for sale on digital storefronts, we’ll be circling back around to the PC version for the promised ModKit.  We’ll be going into deeper discussions on the ModKit once we’re past the console releases – we know a lot of people want to hear more about this and we can’t wait to talk about it.  Right now our expected release for this is early 2020.



12 months after the Epic Games Store launch, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will launch on Steam.  We’re also considering DLC, both paid and free.  After that, we’ll consider other digital distribution outlets on PC and potentially an Xbox One version, but we cannot guarantee anything along either line at this time.