Patch Notes: September 26th, 2019

September 27, 2019

As promised in our recent Development Roadmap Update, we’ve got a nice juicy patch for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw today!  We’re also kicking off our first sale from now through October 4th – grab it now if you haven’t yet!  Today’s changes are threaded throughout the game, so check the list below.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release version 1.17

*The SPZ: Available Everywhere

The SPZ is a thoroughly gutted Pathfinder Plus chassis outfitted with dual side-mounted turrets. With only one primary weapon hardpoint and increased armor plating, it’s an affordable option for the single-minded pilot who wants their defenses to take care of themselves while they get down to business.

*The Foxbat: Available at Police Stations

The Foxbat is a decommissioned police craft, refurbished for civilian use. Its excellent speed and maneuverability are supported by an underslung turret mount.


*A whole bunch of console optimization work has made it into the PC build, which should further improve performance on low to mid range machines
*Character model optimizations
*Some new level of detail (LODS) for larger station objects/planetary gates
*Texture optimizations
*Load time optimizations
*Tons of memory allocation optimizations
*CPU optimizations
*Just a whole lot of optimizations, y’all.


*Unequipping a weapon with a turret active would have a temporary turret scale issue in the scene.  Now…it doesn’t!
*Some minor scene geometry fixes.  Doorways should stay put now, we promise.
*A few bartenders had an animation/gesture bug in their intro animation.  Now they don’t!
*Some minor pool animation tweaks on a male character
*Numerous minor fixes