Ahhh my anti-virus says RGO is malware!

We’re aware of some false positives from antivirus software including Avast, Comodo, BitDefender, and possibly other anti-virus programs.


This should disappear over time, but for now you’ll need to whitelist/allow the exe, installation location, and save file location.

Where are my screenshots and videos?

Screenshots are located at Documents/My Games/Double Damage Games/RebelGalaxyOutlaw/Screenshots

Videos are located at Documents/My Games/Double Damage Games/RebelGalaxyOutlaw/Videos

So uh...when does the game save?

Saves happen any time you arrive at a station, any time you depart a structure (including stations and jump drives), and when you exit to menu.

I just wanna play the game by itself and not use Epic Game Store to launch!

Instructions are right here: https://rebel-galaxy.com/launching-rebel-galaxy-outlaw-without-egs/

To play without the EGS launcher AND without the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launcher, follow the above instructions to create a shortcut to the game itself with -EpicPortal and -SKIPLAUNCHER in the commandline

My PS4 controller doesn't seem to be working right?

We have detailed instructions for setting up PS4 controllers here: https://rebel-galaxy.com/playstation-4-controllers-with-rebel-galaxy-outlaw/

In general, devices need to be Xinput.  Controllers or other devices that are Dinput will require some sort of software or firmware to get them detecting properly as Xinput.

OMG! These Mouse and Keyboard controls are terrible and make me angry!

If you’re having problems with Keyboard and Mouse, try changing to relative controls.  If you continue to have issues, please drop by our Discord – https://discord.gg/rU6nNTj

We’ve refined the controls through 2019, so if you played the game close to launch and didn’t like it, give it another try!

I can't get the resolution / monitor I want?

We number monitors left to right, which is generally different from the way Windows will number your monitors.

Windows 10 Scaling needs to be at maximum 150% for widescreen and 4k to correctly work.

For further troubleshooting, please drop by our Discord – https://discord.gg/rU6nNTj

What's the difference between Lightspeed and Sublight autopiloting?

Lightspeed skips ahead and does not require user input.  Sublight speed will get you to wherever you’re going, but does require user input.

Otherwise you crash into things.  Like planets.  You have been warned.

I have TOTALLY and IRRETRIEVABLY messed up my keybinds!

If you want to FORCEFULLY go back to defaults – go to documents/my games/double damage games/rebelgalaxyoutlaw and delete keybindbase.dat and keybindstick.dat

Then re-run the game. you’ll have a guaranteed clean mapping setup.

I added a stencil, then crashed! Now any time I try to load up the painting interface it crashes!

Patch 1.04 resolved this issue on August 13th 2019, but if you’re still having issues, original instructions are below.


You’ve loaded up a stencil that doesn’t play nice. You’ll have to find where it is on your computer and remove it – you can either delete it entirely or move it somewhere else.

Once you’ve done that, try booting up the game again.  A patch is coming to resolve this.

How do I mine?

You’ll need both a Mining Laser and a Mining Scanner, along with a Tractor Beam.

Where can I buy or sell contraband?

If you’re looking for some naughty cargo for a mission, don’t go to a Commonwealth station!

Most Neutral stations buy and/or sell a limited amount of contraband.

Black Market stations will also buy and sell contraband.  The closest one to the start of the game is in the Rockband

If you’re a pirate, you can find all sorts of contraband on pirate stations!

None of this helps! Where can I talk to someone about my game problems?

It’s best to join us on Discord at: https://discord.gg/rU6nNTj

My game crashes with the error Expression: pStation ->m_Songs[j] -> m_Duration != 0.0f

Patch 1.04 resolved this issue on August 13th, but if you’re still having issues, original instructions are below

Music placed in the custom music folder (sometimes referred to as mix tape) cannot have special characters in either the file name or track name.


Help! An Autosave puts me right before a fight I cannot win!

Generally, the game should no longer do this.  However, if you seem to be stuck in this situation, you have a few options in this situation:

*Try to win the fight on your next attempt

*Ask to surrender.

*Offer to fork over your cargo

*Try to run.

*Take a portion of damage to your hull, and exit. If you’re damaged, we’ll try to place you away from fights.