Frequently Asked Questions


A: It's available RIGHT NOW on PC (Epic Games Store, Steam), plus Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for 30 bucks, euros or local equivalent (where possible)

Q: GoG? Humble?

A: Other storefronts are not being considered.

Q: But I waited a year! I want a discount!

A: Hey, that’s not a question. But it’ll go on sale eventually, so add it to your wishlist – you’ll get notified when there’s a sale automagically.

Q: Mac? LINUX?

A: Nuh uh. Sorry, just numbers. And who knows what's happening with OpenGL there.

Q: This game set off my antivirus! Are you trying to infect me??

A: We're aware of some false positives from antivirus software including Avast, Comodo, BitDefender, and possibly other anti-virus programs. This should disappear over time, but for now you'll need to whitelist/allow the exe, installation location, and save file location.

Q: What languages are supported?

A: French, German, Spanish, Russian, and English.

Q: I'm a streamer / reviewer! How can I get a review code?

A: You can reach out to our press contact at derickt@planofattack.biz

Q: Is this a sequel to Rebel Galaxy?

A: It's a prequel! It's cockpit-focused this time.

Q: Hey, so Rebel Galaxy was that game where you couldn't fly up or down, did you make it so...

A: Yes. OK? Yes, you can fly up and down.

Q: Does this have multiplayer?

A: Nope. (Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth)

Q: Can I fly capital ships?

A: Nope! Sorry, all about the cockpits and beer coozies this time out. Plus you wanted to fly up and down.

Q: Can I manage a fleet?

A: This is totally not that kind of game. But you can play 8-ball and dice in crappy bars and bet for ship parts. So we've got that going for us.

Q: Is this game moddable? Cause I wanna put X-Wings in it.

A: Yes, it's moddable. What's an X-Wing? ? (The modkit will arrive in 2021)

Q: Can I use my HOTAS? It's dusty and lonely.

A: Yes, HOTAS are compatible with the PC version

Q: Can I use mouse/keyboard?

A: Yes and it's remappable and it's fine but please PLEASE just use a gamepad

Q: Can I paint my ship?

A: Yes, there's a super amazing paint tool in the PC version

Q: How much music is in this thing

A: Over 21 hours of radio. It's a lot of friggin' music.

Q: Custom Soundtracks & Radio Stations?

A: Yup, the PC version supports that.

Q: Does it have a story campaign?

A: Yep.

Q: This looks like it has aim and flight assists. Is this game for babies?

A: Yes this game is for babies (i.e. us), but also we have pro modes for not-babies.

Q: How long is the game?

A: We dunno yet, but there's a reason we have over 20 hours of music...

Q: The main character is a lady. Do I have to play a lady?

A: Yes. Juno is awesome.

Q: This game looks like it has swears. I don't like swears.

A: That's... that's not a question?

Q: Why should I play your game?

A: If you don't think Spaceships, Biker Gangs, Decaying Blue-Collar Americana, Machine Guns and a complete disregard for accurate space physics go together, then there's probably not a good reason.