Trophies in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (PS4 Version)

October 22, 2019

Hello pilots!

While we’re hard at work on the console ports of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, we wanted to share a little sneak peek at what’s coming.  As we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what the PS4 trophies might look like (and yes, there’s absolutely trophies!) we wanted to share a small teaser.

Today’s theme is trophies encouraging players to try different game play styles:


Bounty Hunter
Claim 20 Bounties






Miner 49’er
Mine 20 Asteroids







Want more trophy reveals?  Keep following our Facebook, Twitter, or join the Discord — and for PC fans, YES trophies will be coming to both the upcoming Steam and EGS versions of the game!

We’re revealing a pair of trophies for the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch!  We’re such teases.