Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Development Roadmap (July 2019)

July 15, 2019
RGO Roadmap

Hello fellow pilots!

We’re working hard on Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and as we approach a release date announcement, we wanted to give you some insight on what’s happening, and in what order.




The PC version will launch on the Epic Games Store.  We’ll be spending some time after the game’s launch monitoring for any issues – we expect the launch to be stable but unfortunately we simply can’t test for every hardware combination and we’d rather be prepared to spend some time fixing bugs and not have any than presume our game is spotless.



Once the PC version is out in the wilds and any ongoing issues are mopped up, we’re taking a vacation!  Just kidding.  Ahaha…Next on the list is getting console builds ready for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.  This isn’t tied to exclusivity on the Epic Game Store; we just need time to complete these versions of the game, get ratings, and get them into the certification process.



Once console versions are completed and into the final approval process before they go up for sale on digital storefronts, we’ll be circling back around to the PC version for the promised ModKit.  We’ll be going into deeper discussions on the ModKit once we’re past the console releases – we know a lot of people want to hear more about this and we can’t wait to talk about it.



12 months after the Epic Games Store launch, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will launch on Steam and potentially other services.  If you have a specific place you’d like to see RGO send us a Tweet, pop by our Discord and suggest it, or post on our Facebook!

We hope whether you’re a PC or console player you’re excited to learn more about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!  Stay tuned for more blog posts coming in the near future.