Being a Pirate in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

September 4, 2019

“Yarr, mateys.  We be the scurrilous folk of the space seas!”

In Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you’ve got a lot of choices.  And you can choose to be a down-and-dirty Juno, turning from trade and bounties to smuggling and police harassment.  There’s both risks and rewards to being a Red Devil, so if you’re thinking of living the low life, here’s all the deets.


Becoming a Pirate

Juno starts the game with neutral reputation, and is therefore able to land on both Independent and Commonwealth stations.  To lower your Commonwealth rep / raise your Red Devil rep, you’ll need to do some dirty missions.  These are marked with a skull emblem in the mission panel, so they shouldn’t be hard to spot.

If you want to head into the pirating life as early as possible, head to the Rockfarming sector as soon as you have a jumpgate.  It contains both a Red Devil station as well as a neutral black market.  Both will be very handy!

Perks of Being A Pirate

-Pirate stations will now be open to you.

-Red Devil Pirates will like you.  They generally will not attack you.

-Naughty missions like those requiring contraband pay lucratively, and supplies are more easily found on Pirate stations than by legal means.

-Capture ejected pilots as thralls (secondary context button) – they’ll sell for a lot more!

-A unique dashboard trinket, only found available at pirate stations!



Challenges of Being A Pirate

-Commonwealth stations will no longer be open to you.

-Cops hate you.  Police will generally attack you on sight.


Overall, if you’re looking for a more challenging gameplay experience (or are playing for the second time and want to try a different path), join the pirate side today!