Patch Notes: August 20th, 2019

August 20, 2019

Believe it or not, we’re not even sick of patching of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.  Today’s changes focus on interface, art, and squishing bugs.  This patch is 40MB providing your game was previously up to date.  Need help with an issue?  Check our Support Page for common answers, or pop by our Discord for more intense troubleshooting.


*Players can now select full 4k resolution range properly even with display scaling, both in Fullscreen/Windowed Fullscreen.  Hurray!  Thanks for your patience on this.


*Nerfed Infected Blockade mission
*Enemy swarm missile reload time doubled


*Mining Laser shows proper GJ/s display for power drain in equipment bay
*Fixed a spelling issue in Beluga description.  Yes, we FINALLY fixed it.
*KB/M controls now also ‘block’ held/released events on a menu state change (like gamepad/joystick do) to prevent issues like firing missiles on completion of a buddy summon.


*Some fancy new projectile artwork
*Fixed an NPC’s collar weighting
*Fixed a clipping spinning station chunk in Topeka concourse.


*Fixed a corner-case where you could have an invisible bounty retrieval after failing or abandoning but then picking them up anyway. If you were stuck with this mysteriously used slot, they will now re-expose themselves in your hold if they were in that state, no action required.
*Fixed a pool issue where you could manage to fire a ‘move ball’ event while the cue was in motion for a strike.
*Fixed rare corner-case crash involving an automated mission-docking when the player managed to get to sublight just as it occurred.  But it was kinda funny while it lasted.


*Altered phrasing on some scouting missions not to imply that targets must be killed.
*FIVE &#@%ING SHIPS are actually nine.  There’s always been nine, but people seem confused, so we’re adding a reminder here.