Painting Tool Tips and Tricks!

August 21, 2019

We’re pleased to see how many players are enjoying the paint tool inside Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!  We’ve compiled a few tips for the most common questions we receive regarding making your ship the prettiest or scariest ship in the universe.

*First and easiest lesson: there is no wrong way to paint a ship.  Colour, decals, textures…crude drawings…it’s your ship, do what you want with it.

Recreate familiar faces from movies or other video games!
Or choose a completely unique look!

*To quickly change the struts colors, Add a Structure Mask (Layer menu, Add structure Mask Layer), go into Texture view mode (Ctrl+T) choose default paint mode, select a large brush, choose a color, and set the blend mode to “Hue”. Then simply paint over the orange areas in the texture. the struts will change to that color. The rest of the layer overly is gray, and thus unaffected.

*Switched ships and want to recover a paintjob – or downloaded a paintjob and want to apply it?  To apply a texture, load the paintshop, click on the dropdown menu of the layer window (middle-far-right) and select “Import to Layer”. Then find and load your desired texture. The texture used must be for the same ship type you currently have loaded.

*Control-T (CTRL-T) moves you to the ship’s texture map and back – you may find it handy to paint precise, small areas and anything you haven’t yet painted!


We also have a video going over the Painting Tool in general:


Looking for even more tips?

Have an advanced question?  Our Discord has a channel dedicated to ship paintjobs, where you can talk to one of our artists (Howie Day) for all your painting needs.

We love seeing your creations!  Don’t forget to tweet them to us too.