Patch Notes: August 22nd, 2019

August 22, 2019

Believe it or not, we’re still not sick of patching Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.  Today’s changes focus on balance and more bug squishing.  This patch is a little under 30MB providing your game was previously up to date.  Need help with an issue?  Check our Support Page for common answers, or pop by our Discord for more intense troubleshooting.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release version 1.12


*You can now view price histories and services for any station from the Sector Map – on-station, in PDA, and in-flight. Should be very useful for trade!


*Blood Eagle can now use Mk4 Power Plant and Mk3 Shields
*Sequoia can now use Mk3 Shields
*Mission relative difficulty calculations have been reworked – missions should no longer show as Low or Mild Risk as early based on your equipment.
*Several early story mission risk approximations were altered to better reflect their difficulty


*Further protections against ever spawning inside a ship
*Fixed a corner case where sometimes autopilot could bring you out into atmospheric burn due to rearrangement to avoid other objects
*In Sim & Old-School modes, mining lasers should not have full aim assist


*Updated various translations.  Thanks to the German and Russian players who have brought these to our attention.  If you spot others, please pop by the Discord with a screenshot and an explanation so we can explore further.