Patch Notes: August 19th, 2019

August 19, 2019

A new patch arrives to start off a fresh week of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, touching upon a variety of gameplay and game control aspects.  This patch is 60MB providing your game was previously up to date.  Need help with an issue?  Check our Support Page for common answers, or pop by our Discord for more intense troubleshooting.


*If mouse cursor is inverted, vertical display is inverted as well
*Mouse cursor opacity in reticle display modes is now an adjustable setting
*Map panning movement sped up


*F3 and F4 screenshots keys are now exposed as bindable if you’d like to move them.  Cuz some of you do!


*You can now choose to temporarily ignore distress signals from the command menu if you’ve got a long haul ahead of you. (Command menu control can be rebound)
*When interrupted by hostiles or arriving at a hostile mission, you approach 3k further out to give you more reaction time


*Failing Life On Mars won’t result in double Marla/Satchel buddy missions


*Gauss Gun: lowered energy costs by 6.5%
*Photon Cannon: lowered energy costs by 10%
*Plasma Launcher: raised shield damage 14%
*Tachyon Laser: damage raised 10%
*Trion Accelerator: very slightly more accurate
*Reduced max spawn difficulty on Minor Threat missions
*Reduced max spawn difficulty of some early patrol missions
*Pirate population reduced 15% in Texas.


*Dante, Blacknight, & Virian Black Markets are back online after a police raid temporarily shut them down.


*Minor tweaks to Sandhawk/BloodEagle models
*Minor tweak to Coyote model
*Platypus AO map no longer includes stripe information
*Fixed a character placement on Joplin concourse


*New police decal sheet for all your painting needs.
*New figurine available in pirate stations.  Best part of the patch.