It’s a Screenshot Saturday Part 3!

August 3, 2019

We’re counting down the days to the launch – 10 days to go as of this post before Rebel Galaxy Outlaw blasts off on the Epic Game Store on August 13th!  Before that, we wanted to show off some new screens beyond the usual explosions.


First, this is going to become a familiar view to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw players, as the game takes place from the perspective of Juno inside the cockpit (though you can choose to fly from different views than this if you’d like!).  Each ship class cockpit is slightly different.  Collect all nine!



Next is another cockpit view, just to show off how vastly different these can be, while still maintaining the same HUD information.  It’s a big universe out there, and you’re gonna need different ships for different tasks.  Or not.  Up to you!



Streaming copies of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw are out in the wild!  If you’re interested in watching streams or want to learn more, come on down to our Discord for all the deets!