Patch Notes: August 6th, 2019

August 6, 2019

We’re already hard at work on tweaks leading up to the August 13th launch! For those streaming the pre-release build, a patch is now available!  Here’s what we changed:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.80

*Richter stole patch 0.79 so you’re not missing anything.
*Trion Accelerator & Photon Cannon have new unique artwork
*Performing numeric entry in paint program and then exiting to rename ship would leave text entry in numeric mode (but not any more!)
*Paint tool tooltips are bigger *Paint tool numeric entry is much easier to read
*MFG Crosswind recognized properly as pedals
*Slight volume boost to commercials
*Very slight volume reduction to enemy fighter hull ‘clunk’
*Additional scene lighting tweaks in various conversations
*A few NPC character geometry tweaks for clipping
*EMP Javelin will be available in Bountiful Vista Equipment Bay in the event that the special mission version is inadvertently sold
*EMP Javelin title also has a star in front of it to make it stand out as ‘special’ more clearly
*Fixed a potential crash AFTER you died on death screen if another ship completed tractoring an object
*Leaving Richter’s mission areas after he has said to leave but before the mission has fully completed does not result in mission failure.  That Richter is a real joker.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.78

*Fixed crash in certain circumstances when breaking out of sublight due to atmospheric burn
*Fixed potential crash with certain stencil textures at certain zoom levels when painting near the edge in paint tool
*Some new stripe stencils added to paint shop
*Made a few instanced entity destruction that weren’t threadsafe…well, threadsafe
*PS4 button art revised, and missing art added
*PS4 button art on PC properly shows Share button instead of Pad
*Fixed ESC not saving when using it to exit paint tool
*Radar and Jumpdrives cannot be destroyed, only damaged – not only was it annoying, it was potentially catastrophic in unpopulated systems.
*Some lighting tweaks for various scenes and some minor character art tweaks
*Disable Transitions setting won’t be unavailable immediately after performing gamepad mapping
*A few minor spelling fixes

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.77

*Setting tips to OFF is now properly respected.  We thrashed the tips into subservience.
*Can click on radio comm options with mouse again
*Shadow acne on some station exteriors when in 3rd person and in lower shadow settings or when in fullscreen windowed but at lower target resolution is fixed
*Cycle MFD button now properly shows as Cycle MFD/Secondary Context in key mapping screens
*Some siege mission descriptions that could have a duplicate word ‘station’ in them are fixed (once they regenerate)
*Orzu’s side mission Warning Shot – freighter no longer armed, and accidental police death doesn’t decrement disabled ship count, but instead fails mission properly
*Fixed some dangling disconnected hoses in a garage scene.


We appreciate the early streamers and viewers that brought issues to our attention! Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launches August 13th – you can pre-order it today on the Epic Game Store