Patch Notes: August 2nd, 2019

August 3, 2019

We’re already hard at work on tweaks leading up to the August 13th launch! For those streaming the pre-release build, a patch is now available!  Here’s what we changed:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.75

*Two missing layout files have been found.  Those suckers are slippery!

*Stencil images under a certain size were all blurry when they transferred, and that’s fixed too.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.74

*Potential fix for crash related to threaded Bink video loads (fingers crossed!)

*Comms audio (when displayed in conjunction with video) should now match the audio levels of other sounds when sound settings are altered

*Added an exit button to PDA in mouse mode

*Mouse control had a revision for better precision and feel

*Mouse Deadzone setting added

*Various lighting updates to multiple conversations

*Dingo can now accept cargo extender mk 2

*Sequoia can now accept power plant mk3 and cargo extender mk 3

*Starvenger difficulty reduced slightly – rock density and speed does not increase as fast from round to round

*Ship Paint Shop autosaves on exit, so you don’t have to manually do it. You can now ‘exit without saving’


We appreciate the early streamers that brought issues to our attention! Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launches August 13th – you can pre-order it today on the Epic Game Store