Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Console Release and Coronavirus

March 16, 2020

Hello pilots!

We know many of you are anxiously awaiting the launch of RGO on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how the game’s launch may be affected by the current health crisis.  So, we’d like to shed a little light on how things are proceeding and answer a few commonly asked questions.

As of this post, both ratings and console cert at all companies is still ongoing, and we’re one of many game developers waiting for both to be completed.  Yay!  Much like we did when we posted we’d entered ratings, we plan to post when we’ve entered certification/lotcheck (along with an explanation of what the heck that is!)  If you missed our previous news about what getting a game rated is like, you can read it right here.


Now onto some common questions we’re seeing:

“Can’t you just put out the game NOW?”

Nope!  Games can’t be sold without ratings and cert.  Even physical games which have in the past been able to be sold without box ratings need them now.

“Bummer.  Can you make it go faster?”

We wish!  Unfortunately, neither process goes faster with a global pandemic.  Whodathunk?

“I’m stuck inside and BORED.  Will the game be soon?”

Hard to say!  Both ratings and lotcheck take varying amounts of time.  Trust us, we’d like it to be soon, but we all have to be patient (and that sucks.)

“I thought you said it’d be out in March!”

Not quite? Our January Developer Roadmap pegged March as the earliest we would expect to see the game successfully traverse both ratings and lotcheck.  We’ve been estimating somewhere between March and June on social media, and that window is still what we’re shooting for.  At this point, we’re crossing our fingers for April, but until we have a definitive date, it’s all guessing.

“I’m a PC player and all I want is my ModKit!”

Good news!  Initial work is underway on the ModKit, but it remains very VERY early in the process.  As the Roadmap has previously mentioned, we won’t be diving deep into the ModKit until the console versions are out in the wild, but we did want to let everyone know this hasn’t slipped our attention.

“Can I pre-order RGO on any consoles?”

Probably not?  We wouldn’t be able to offer pre-orders until the game’s been approved for release, and we hope to have as short a window as possible between that and launch (ideally one to two weeks).  But as soon as we have a release date, we will be shouting it as loud and far as we can.  You won’t have to guess.

“Hey, everyone at Double Damage Games OK?”

Yes, and it’s nice that you asked.  We’re all fine, practicing safe social spaces and washing our hands a lot…like a lot.


Have a burning question about RGO’s upcoming console release that isn’t answered here?  Drop us a tweet or swing by our Discord.  And remember, Greel Whiskey is not a certified hand sanitizer no matter what Sandar tells you.