Patch Notes: August 9th, 2019

August 9, 2019

We’re already hard at work on tweaks leading up to the August 13th launch! For those streaming the pre-release build, a patch is now available!  Here’s what we changed:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.85

*Turrets in garages that scale to your ship are properly scaled.
*Maximum jump ranges for most side missions have been reduced to cut down on jump travel frequency.  This specifically affects newly generated side missions, as boards repopulate.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.84

*Paint tool now has ‘structure masks’ per ship for struts and greebles. Choose ‘Add Structure Mask Layer’ from the layer menu. Adds a layer with just structural art with alpha-lock defaulted on, so you can paint ‘under’ structural elements.
*Selecting or adding a stencil automatically turns stencils on in Projection Tool.