It’s a Screenshot Saturday Part 4!

August 10, 2019

We’re counting down the days to the launch – 3 days to go as of this post before Rebel Galaxy Outlaw blasts off on the Epic Game Store on August 13th!  Before that, we wanted to show off some new screens beyond the usual explosions.  Today we’ll be introducing the two alien species you’ll met in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.  Or if you’ve played the first Rebel Galaxy, consider this a re-introduction.


First, the Greel.  Much like humans, they come in a vareity of colours – unlike humans, the colours tend to be red and blue.  You’ll find them mostly running around the galaxy as both honest and dishonest traders.  They also love games of chance, so you’ll often see them playing dice or pool.

Click or tap me! I get bigger!


Next is the Korian.  Don’t let the face fool you – these rotund fellows can sniff out a deal a mile away.  Perhaps this ability is what leads many of them to the life of piracy – so be sure to watch your back and your pocketbook when you’re around these fine folks!

Click or tap me! I get bigger!



While this is our final Screenshot Saturday before the PC launch of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the fun won’t stop this week!  We’ll be continuing the series leading up to the console release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, so be sure to keep checking back each weekend.