Information For Streamers

Last edited: August 14, 2019

With the release of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw we wanted to go over what we do and don’t allow in regards to streaming.

You CAN:

*Stream Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on any platform including Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer.  In fact, send us a tweet when you’re going live so we can drop by!

*Monetize your content, including ads, overlays, sponsors, donation solicitations, etc.  With one exception (see below)


We recommend using the Stream-Friendly Music Only option while streaming, found on the right-hand side of the launcher.  This should head off any music-based Content ID shenanigans on YouTube and muting on Twitch VODs.




*Gate streams, videos, or other contents explicitly behind a paywall.  So you cannot exclusively offer your RGO Let’s Plays or Streams behind a Patreon tier, YouTube Premium, or other pay to acquire services.

*Use our assets to make your own stand alone project(s).  This doesn’t include mods that require the game to work, even if it changes the form or function of the game.

Content ID Claims

Because the YouTube Content ID system is automated, you may get some or all of your video muted, monetization removed, or other issues.  We unfortunately cannot control this happening, because it is automatic, but you can get this overturned.  This is not a strike and should not penalize your channel.  Here’s how to get the ID flag removed.


We’re happy to answer!  As these discussions can potentially be lengthy, we’d recommend hopping into our Discord server and tagging one of the people in the “Administrator” role.