Strap In, Tune Up

Get Your Wings…

Slap down the credits for a ship that suits you best. Upgrade your scrappy junker to agile interceptors, big capacity long-haulers, or high-performance military-grade fighters. All have custom cockpits and loadout options.

And when you’ve settled in, you can custom paint your ship with a ridiculously advanced in-game painting application.
REALLY  love your new ride? 3d-print it and have a scale model mailed right to you.

White-hot energy weapons, greasy machineguns, magnetic mines – bolt on the firepower that suits your style. Install new powerplants, trick out your afterburners, add countermeasures, radar, and a few bumper stickers to the dashboard. Adjust your power allocation before you head into the fray. There’s plenty of kit to try out and customize your ride just the way you like it.