Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Console Release Window

December 18, 2019

Hello pilots!  This is your friendly Community Manager Anna Marie, and like our Discord regulars already know, I serve up both good news, and bad news.  Today, we’re gonna start with the bad news.


We’ve been saying since our September roadmap our hope is to get out the console versions — PS4 and Switch — in 2019.  Unfortunately, while the port is feature complete, rating and certification are still ahead of us, both of which take time.  We’ll also be taking this period to continue QAing the game to ensure you receive the smoothest experience possible.

There’s also a few remaining questions we know you’re very excitedly awaiting the answers for, like FPS on the Switch version docked and undocked, or differences between PS4 and Pro — those details will be coming early next year, so keep an eye out for posts addressing those.


With that out of the way, now the good news!

We have something exciting we’re finally getting to reveal: based on your feedback, we are pleased to officially announce an Xbox One version of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is being worked on.  While we’re unsure of a release date currently, we know players have been pretty anxious to hear either way about this possible port and this is a step in the right direction.  Though we were hoping to have more definitive news, since there’s still some possible hiccups, for now we’re expecting to have more info regarding the Xbox One version in the new year.  We’re excited that this is still much sooner than originally anticipated.  We’ll have a new Development Roadmap in early January, reflecting our updated timelines and goals.


We’re going to be a little quieter through the rest of the month of December, and we wish you all a wonderful time during this holiday season.  We’ll be back in 2020 with more news, more teasers, official release dates for all three console versions, and more surprises too!

-The Double Damage Team