Patch Notes: September 25th, 2020

September 25, 2020

Hello space pilots! The PS4 version receives a quick patch today to correct some crashing issues.  This may display as 1.02 in the patching menu, but show 1.18c once the game is loaded on the in-game starting screen.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release version 1.18c (PS4)

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*The “On The Road” achievement will now trigger correctly.  For anyone who missed this achievement, it will now pop the first time Juno moves through any jumpgate
*The stations Parhelion MFRs in Sweetland and Callahan MFRs in Medicine Hat were on strike and crashing whenever anyone wanted to use the facilities, which is extremely rude of such popular stations.  We’ve fixed this.
*Some generalized crashing issues unrelated to these two locations were also corrected.

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