Patch Notes: August 8th, 2019

August 9, 2019

We’re already hard at work on tweaks leading up to the August 13th launch! For those streaming the pre-release build, a patch is now available!  Here’s what we changed:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.83

*Fixed some pool cue attachment issues on billiards NPC on Rasmussen…what a strange place that is!
*Separate Dialogue Volume control – NOTE! Changed the way the master sound grouping volume worked to properly support this – you may want to re-adjust all volumes.
*Jump fuel is only consumed AFTER a jump, not BEFORE the pre-jump save – so repeated reloads to a save before a jumpgate won’t deplete your fuel.
*Starvenger cabinet mission for Vista won’t erroneously warn that you have insufficient credits after purchase if your credits dip below the needed value
*Background ships on stations are now static and use separate materials so your paint jobs won’t show on them.  No more random NPC jerk stealing your awesome paint job!
*Slight reduction in max random damage on risky jumps.  It’s risky but it’s not that risky.
*Tweaked a jumpgate animation.
*Some new stencil artwork.  Play with the paint tool to discover them all!
*Fixed weird corner-case meeting mission waypoint placement issue
*Some texture updates on Sandhawk and Sonora ships.
*Juno moved back a bit in the large garage scene so gestures can’t pass through the terminal.  That was kinda creepy, right? Right.
*Abandon Mission button in PDA log is red and further away from Make Primary button.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.82

*We made patch 0.81 internal only so Richter couldn’t steal it.  Take that, ya jerk.
*You can now turn Radio on in the ship painting tool (Under the Options drop-down). There are also hotkeys to toggle it and tune it on F6, F7, and F8
*Unmapping critical controls will show a big red ‘CRITICAL CONTROLS ARE UNMAPPED’ message on key/buttonmapping menus
*”Conflict:cleared control” will properly hide upon reentry into keymap menu
*Cutting your throttle with a secondary control while drifting with dampers off will no longer reduce your speed, because that didn’t make a lot of sense?
*Ansel’s active range on Retribution story mission is larger and a match for Marla’s to make sure the mission conversations can happen at bigger range.  Cuz they really wanna chat.
*Fixed an issue to do with failing and re-getting the Retribution mission that is too complicated to explain, and didn’t break the game, but boy was it weird and unique.
*Unmapping Cancel controls won’t render the Keyboard/Mouse onscreen ‘back’ arrows unusable in mouse mode
*Can press ESC to leave the on-station mission computer menu
*Some minor character weighting tweaks on Orzu
*Fixed some weirdnesses with button selection on the on-station mission log at the mission board
*Context holds won’t count as a throttle-up on release
*Damper cuts won’t count as a throttle-down on release