Patch Notes: August 23rd, 2019

August 23, 2019

Our last patch for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw this week – there won’t be any others this weekend.  Today’s changes focus on interface and yup, more bug squishing.  This patch is 26MB providing your game was previously up to date.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release version 1.14


*Sector Map (and thus price histories) are now also viewable from the commodities market
*Surrender Contraband option shows first in the list for police comms when available.
*Mouse cursor is hidden during intro video, and during conversations if no dialog options are currently available for selection


*Blood Eagle price raised from 210,000 to 330,000 to reflect its new greatness.


*Fixed another weird issue with failing Sharky’s bounty and re-upping the mission
*Billiards player on Chancey was using incorrect in-game quips.
*Manatchie properly has mercenaries instead of cops around it
*Bonnaire properly has mercenaries instead of cops around it


*EMP Javelin now sells for 0 credits. Maybe folks won’t sell it!
*Some minor translation changes.  Thanks again to everyone who brings these to our attention!
*Minor tweaks to some hardpoint locations on the Dingo.


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