Patch Notes: August 16th, 2019

August 16, 2019

A new patch arrives to wrap up the first few days of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, bring new keybind, joystick and interface improvements, balance tweaks, and more.  Need help with an issue?  Check our Support Page for common answers, or pop by our Discord for more intense troubleshooting.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release version 1.07

*Launcher will now identify your primary monitor and indicate it, and for new players will default select it
*Fixed various issues with Fullscreen sometimes attempting to use incorrect monitor depending on desktop layout
*Keybind screen is now sorted by category! A few binds that weren’t set to exclusive now are.
*Fixed applying a joystick profile messing up invisible binds on buttons for mouseclick (buttons that didn’t respond to clicks afterward)
*Categories added to settings menu
*Reticle display is now the default mouse display for new players running the game for the first time.
*Fixed ‘undo’ sell text showing incorrect recovery price in commodity market
*Fix mission faction display not updating properly in on-station missionlog
*Can save keybindings in paint mode
*In Joystick mode, all controls (except those bound to axes, like throttles/stick) can be simultaneously used and mapped on keyboard, with nice carryover state if multiple are depressed and released at different times.
*Fixed issues with remapping menu navigation controls on KBM.
*Can now remap all pool controls.  Go forth and play much 8-ball!
*Tons of little fixes for various overloaded keymapping collision situations.
*Fixed an issue where stations would pre-emptively re-populate goods on reload into station.  Alas, no more cheesing cargo missions.
*Teleport away from hostiles on load if any are near, regardless of your damage state.  No more unwinnable save states!  We hope!
*Break out much farther from atmosphere in sublight mode.  Please don’t drive into any more planets.  It makes us sad.
*Knocking 8-ball off table should properly lose game
*If game is exited in Kasha Donar mission after she has been unflagged as invincible, reloading will reflag her as killable
*Ansel is properly unkillable in Durgan battle.  Oops.
*Secondary Cops in Spider’s Web all properly flagged as ‘to kill’ to make it easy to find them if they wander away chasing butterflies or something during battle
*Fixed some complex issues to do with disabled leader/follow ship relationships in Warning Shot mission that…are extremely hard to describe.  They’re fixed.
*Enemy swarm launcher damage reduced 33%
*Enemy ImRec damage reduced 18%
*Dirty cops in Warning Shot have reduced onboard weaponry
*EMP Javelin now has a 40 projectile capacity vs 25
*EMP Javelin projectiles sped up 400mps for greater accuracy
*Reduced ambush frequency at jumpgates
*Sonora ‘normal quality’ cockpit mesh doesn’t have an exterior missing texture.  And it never did *jedi hand wave*