Patch Notes: August 12th, 2019

August 12, 2019

One final set of changes, leading up to the August 13th launch! For those streaming the pre-release build, a patch is now available!  Here’s what we changed:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 1.00 (Launch Version!)

*Dice has seen a recent boon in the galaxy, and players are now available at all casinos
*Durston exterior landing animationss on Sparks/Pellinore fixed.
*Corner-case where a tractor beam visual could be stuck on while in a turret fixed.
*If you only have turrets in mounts past mount 1, you can still properly switch cameras to turrets.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.88

*Can now set waypoints on systems from the sector map and they will direct you through jumpgates using your player waypoint.  Special shout out to CohhCarnage for this addition.
*Offscreen mouse cursor in windowed mode on map screens will not pan map.  If it does again, we’ll sic a cat on the mouse.
*Debris/ice around Arbuthnott and Denver pushed out farther away from the docks.  We heard you were tired of crashing into things.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.87

*Fixed some issues with Unicode filenames for custom music folders.  Thanks to Salsa for helping us pin this nonsense down.
*’Normal’ quality mesh for Sonora cockpit properly shows MFDs.
*Sieges and Blockades now make extra sure they never direct you to a hostile station.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pre-Release version 0.86

*Damn it, Richter “borrowed” this patch for Richtertronics.  We’ll make him give it back.