Gettin’ Started in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw!

October 27, 2020
Feeling down because your dump truck is…a dump truck?

We’ve got some tricks to get you started on the right track!


First, Travis made a great Getting Started video for the PC version, which you can see here:

Prefer written material? We’ve got you covered.

Two options in fact! First, we have a visual PDF – click right here.

Alternatively, you can come by our Discord and check out the #tips-for-new-players channel. It’s chock full of yummy explanations!

If you prefer just a quick nudge in the right direction, here’s some short tips

*You’re driving a glorified garbage truck. It’s not a zippy dogfighter – if that’s your playstyle, cool – you definitely want to save up and switch ships.

*A straightforward way to make money is buying a tractor beam and hoovering up everything you can. Just remember to avoid Commonwealth stations if you’re hauling contraband.

*If you wanna stick to the Platypus and haven’t already, buying an Afterburner is helpful. It’s default equipment only on Normal playstyle.

*If you’re looking for some naughty cargo for a mission, don’t go to a Commonwealth station! Most Neutral stations buy and/or sell a limited amount of contraband. Black Market stations will also buy and sell contraband. The closest one to the start of the game is in the Rockfarming system.  Time to save up for a Jumpdrive~

*You can pick up an early weapon called Tracer playing pool. Check around Texas to find the opponent with it!

*Lightspeed skips ahead and does not require user input. Sublight speed will get you to wherever you’re going, but does require user input.

Good luck out in the wild wide universe!