Epic Game Store Regional Pricing

July 22, 2019
RGO Roadmap

Hey pilots!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what we mean by “29.99 USD or local pricing equivalent.”  Here’s all the deets.


What’s Regional Pricing?

Regional Pricing means you’ll pay a slightly different price for the game, based on your local currency.  For currency not currently supported in the Epic Game Store you’ll still be charged in US Dollars, but converted to whatever value your local currency holds.  Examples of this are Mexico (you’ll pay the equivalent of about 285 pesos), Canada (you’ll pay the equivalent of about 30 CAD), Malaysia (you’ll pay the equivalent of about 58 Ringgit) and Norway (you’ll be paying the equivalent of about 260 Krone).


Oh no, I pre-ordered before Regional Pricing kicked in!

No worries.  Epic Game Store will automagically refund you the difference.  These refunds happen in 2-7 days, so some have likely already kicked in.  If you’re curious about Regional Pricing, Refund Policies, or general questions Epic has a short FAQ here.


I read this far, can I have a reward?

Sure!  Here’s a screenshot of a very pretty explosion.

Click or tap me! I get bigger!