We are getting a lot of requests for the game’s soundtrack now that a press and streaming build is out there in the wild. We think this would be awesome, but there may be logistical problems in pulling that off, given the licensed nature of the music.

But, never fear! These are some great artists and we want you to be able to find their work through whatever (legal) means necessary 🙂

So, without further ado, here’s the track list – go forth and listen! Some of these tracks are available on Spotify – and many of these artists have lots of other great tunes out there for purchase.

Blues Saraceno – Pumpin’ Irony

Blues Saraceno – Evil Ways

Blues Saraceno – Smokin’ Fire

Blues Saraceno – Killin’ Floor

Blues Saraceno – Bad Man

Blues Saraceno – 7th Born Son

Kenneth Sorenson – God Damn Better

Kenneth Sorenson – S’Alright

Nick Nolan – Hell on Wheels

Dolph Taylor/ Bart Hendrickson – Quaker Bait

Sam Wale – Screen Door Slam

Andy Hall/ Clarence Buzz Chestnut – Railroad Bible

The Blue News – Old River

The Blue News – Promiseland

The Blue News – Same Old Story

The Blue News – Stay Gone for Good

Bit Blue Barry – Bayou At Night

Big Blue Barry – Not Afraid To Fight

C-Leb & the Kettle Black – Heavy Hands

Flytrap – Killing Love

Nicholas Tremulis – Money Jungle

Pat Andres – Dobro Slider Blues

Phil Symonds – Lead Foot

Abbas Premjee -Blue Billy

Abbas Premjee – Moonshine is Fine

The Loomers – Ready to Rip