We returned Monday from our first PAX showing of Rebel Galaxy, at the inaugural PAX South in San Antonio. We spent three solid days in our itty-bitty 10×10 booth talking, laughing, and showing off Rebel Galaxy to the always-awesome PAX attendees who stopped by.

Since this is the first PAX South, the makeup of the show was different from other PAX shows we’ve attended in the past. (I work about 10 blocks from PAX Prime!) There wasn’t a large AAA publisher presence, which was initially jarring, but made the whole show more intimate and fun in the end. Without announcements blaring all throughout the day on big AAA launches and reveals, attendees had time and interest to come by the smaller, less glitzy booths (like ours!)

At any rate, it was exciting and rewarding to get to show publicly. We did so at PSX in November, which was an excellent experience, but PAX is a different beast, has a different vibe, and the interests of the attendees is also quite different – and the aforementioned absence of AAA publishers sharpened that difference.

We took a lot of our own observations back home after the PSX show and refined a lot of subtle gameplay systems, UI and visual/audio feedback and it was really rewarding to see how that changed the way people played the game for the better.

A persistent question was, as always, ‘what’s the release date?’

The answer I always give is still 2015 – but it’s worth saying why we’re so broad. Once you start announcing quarters or seasons, dates start to get attached and expectations are set. We really want to be very sure of the release date before we announce it. As a little studio we only get one chance to open the doors and try to line up streaming and reviews to hit it, and we want to try to do it right.

There are other bits to the answer as well – because, let’s face it, as a 2 man studio there’s no way we’re going to pull off a simultaneous day-and-date launch on 4 different platforms. That’s just crazy-talk! So when we announce a date, which platform are we announcing it FOR?

It’s our expectation that Steam PC comes out first (given the easy release path), followed by Mac, and then the two console versions as they each come out of the certification process.  That hopefully means they’re all pretty close together, as close as we can make them anyway.

If you came by PAX and played, thanks for coming! If either of us got a chance to talk or say hi to you, then hi again. We hope you had a safe trip back, and hope you had a great time.

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the coverage and interviews of Rebel Galaxy to come out of the show (in no particular order), and I expect a few more to come as well-